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As more consumers turn to online resources to manage their affairs at this time, the legal industry has also had to evolve to meet the changing realities. Our real estate attorneys at The Law Office of James L. Marmon also embrace this change and continue to offer real-time advice on real estate transactions through remote tools.

The Law Office of James L. Marmon has been providing seamless service for clients for over twenty years. We have provided exceptional estate planning, real estate, elder law, and general practice legal services during this time.

However, with the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic and current shelter-in-place orders, people were unable to access these services in-person at our office. Being a committed legal advocate, attorney James L. Marmon pivoted to offer these services through an online medium that is both safe and effective.

When you use our online real estate transactions service, you have the benefit of strategic legal advice from an experienced professional. All you need do is engage with us via our teleconference channel and have your real estate transaction reviewed by our skilled attorneys.

We have structured our online real estate transactions service to give you the benefit of all our services in this practice area while accounting for the challenges of this period. Here are some of the services that will be available to you, amongst others.

  • Review of documents:We will help you review all documents drawn up by your realtor and ensure that there are no legal issues – either currently or in the future. If you are transacting with another party without involving a realtor, we will ensure that the proper documents are compiled. We will also ensure that you are protected from potential legal issues.
  • Conducting necessary searches and providing consultation on specific matters: Carrying out due diligence in real estate transactions is of paramount importance. While we may not be able to meet with you face-to-face, we will still provide this service and give you feedback via our online platforms. You can conveniently have consultations with us on matters of title search, property tax information, and others.
  • Preparing and signing of documents: We will ensure that all documents are properly drafted and that any issues that may arise are corrected. Whether you are a seller or a buyer, we will ensure that the conditions of the transaction are fair to you and that they are met.
  • Keeping tabs on negotiations and ensuring they go smoothly: We understand how important your real estate transaction is and we ensure that you do not suffer unnecessary hitches or headaches. We will ensure that we deal swiftly with any issue that arises during negotiations and also provide you with any guidance that you need.

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With the benefit of our online real estate transactions service, you can get these services while you are in the comfort of your home. If you would like to learn more, please contact us.

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1) How Do Online Real Estate Legal services work?
With online real estate legal services, you get all the services of a real estate attorney or law firm via the internet. You can schedule consultations, provide insight on your real estate goals and give instructions on how you would like to proceed. All you have to do is schedule a consultation, either through a telephone call or electronic message. You may need to fill a questionnaire with questions similar to what a lawyer will ask, and we will get to work on fulfilling your real estate goals.

2) Do I need special software?
No, you do not need special software for online real estate legal services. You can easily communicate with us using your telephone and your email. You can send and receive updates via your email and use your telephone if you desire to speak with our legal representatives. We also provide these services through a scheduled teleconference using any video conferencing software you have on your device. Software like Zoom, Skype and Zoho are common options that we routinely consider.

3) What information do I need to have for a real estate transaction?
When going into a real estate transaction, it is important to have a general idea of what to expect whether as a buyer or seller. This includes:

  • Agreement terms: If you are the seller in a real estate transaction, the buyer must come with an offer to buy.
  • Escrow: When you have agreed on a price, you open an escrow account for the funds and contracts involved in the transaction.
  • Inspections: After you have agreed on the contract, you schedule an inspection. This will cover insect infestation, roof quality, appliances, heating, and cooling systems.